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Bighaat Bighaat



Active substance: 225 g / kg famoxadone + 300 g / kg cymoxanil


Equation Pro fungicide is one of the most preferred fungicides among vegetables and fruits farmers because of its unmatched efficacy against crop diseases and other attributes contributing towards production of quality produce. It controls diseases completely and its antisporulent and spore killing activity also checks further disease spread. It gives dual protection to the crops as it rapidly penetrates into foliage and helps resist wash-off and weatherability to ensure healthy and quality produce.


Dosage: 1 mL/litre and 200 mL/acre


The volume of solution for normal terrestrial equipment is 400-1000 l / ha in vine, 200-400 l / ha in potato and 200-1000 l / ha in tomatoes. For all crops when using atomizers, low-volume spraying is 150-200 l / ha.

The maximum number of treatments per year is 6, maximum 3 consecutive treatments. Depending on the risk of infection, climatic conditions and treatment program.

Breaking time from last treatment to harvest must be 28 days for vineyard, 14 days for potato and 3 days for tomatoes.


Treated plants: Vine, Potatoes, Tomatoes


Diseases and Fungi: Powdery mildew, Leaf curl, Leaf burn, Phythophtora infestans


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Customer Reviews

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