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Bighaat Bighaat



ZYMO CANEMAX is truly amazing biological plant growth promoter, soil conditioner and microbial stimulator with multiple benefits for farmers. It is specially designed for “SLOW RELEASE & PROLONGED ACTION” which enhances soil fertility.




  • Appearance :                      Dark Brown to Black Fine Powder
  • pH :                      0 to 8.0
  • Composition :                     Active Organic matter 79.0% dry basis
  • Minerals :                     0% to 20.0%
  • Moisture :                     0% to 11.0%




  • ZYMO CANEMAX is a blend of naturally occurring helpful microorganisms, biocatalysts, bacterial growth stimulating agents and organic matter with carbon and nitrogen
  • ZYMO CANEMAX Increases soil micro-flora population
  • ZYMO CANEMAX Accelerates Organic Matter decomposition
  • ZYMO CANEMAX Increasing HUMUS / CARBON content in the soil
  • ZYMO CANEMAX Stimulates growth and proliferation of desirable soil microbes, algae and yeast.
  • ZYMO CANEMAX Assist in transferring vital micronutrients from soil to
  • ZYMO CANEMAX Increases nutrient holding / binding capacity of the
  • ZYMO CANEMAX Increases Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of the
  • ZYMO CANEMAX is an extra strength Soil conditioner; it breaks up clay and compacted
  • ZYMO CANEMAX Improves soil porosity enhances aeration and water retention capacity of the
  • ZYMOBIOGROW Increases root respiration and
  • ZYMO CANEMAX Increases root mass, fruit yield and biomass in the
  • ZYMOBIOGROW Restores and ensures continuity of Bio-cycles.
  • ZYMO CANEMAX Increases buffering properties of the Helps in neutralizing both acidic and alkaline soil.
  • ZYMO CANEMAX Retain water soluble nutrients in the root zone and releases them to plant when
  • ZYMO CANEMAX Act as Bio-catalyzer and Bio-stimulator. Enhances physiological processes such as Respiration, Cell division, Photosynthesis, Cell elongation and Energy
  • ZYMO CANEMAX Mobilizes the phosphate anion and hence increases availability to the plant



ZYMO CANEMAX dosages will vary as per the local soil conditions and the specific plant.

ZYMO CANEMAX is suitable & successfully used for Sugarcane farming

Sugar Cane:

First application: 4kg/acre ZYMO CANEMAX, mix with 200-500kg FYM or 100-200kg Compost, apply during transplantation of ratoon

Second application: After 4 months of first application, apply 2 - 4kg / acre mixed with 200kg FYM or 100kg Compost, side dressing or spot application near the roots

PEST CONTROL: Use XYMO BUGTROL 1 - 2ml /L water spray as preventive care, or 2-4ml/L of water spray for heavy infestation




ZYMO CANEMAX is very stable powder, retaining over 90% activity for 24 months in normal storage conditions, that is under room temperature


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