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Plant protection in agriculture is dependent on numerous factors. pH of water is one of them which plays major role in the efficacy of the sprayed solution, may it be pesticide, fungicide, disease controller, nutrients etc. When the water used for preparing spray solution has got high pH, then most of insecticides do not perform. This will also restrict the absorption of nutrients which is given through foliar application.

 pH influence on stability of pesticides and solubility of products:

The pH of water used in agriculture may range from 7.0 – 9.0 which is alkaline. Pesticides decompose to an inactive form if the spray solution is alkaline making insecticide ineffective. This problem can be resolved by adjusting the pH of spray solution to pH 6.0 or less. This improves the effectiveness of pesticides with immediate action and longer control. At this pH (6.0 or less) the availability and absorption of foliar applied nutrients is effective due to better solubility.

 Multiplex EQUVINOX can be used to bring down the pH of spray solution to desired level (i.e. around 5.5).  This makes the pesticide to be more effective and in case of nutrient make it available to plant in easily available and absorbable form.

 Direction of use:

 On addition of Multiplex EQUVINOX to the water to be used for preparation of spray solution, the colour of the water will change to dark red, continue to add Multiplex EQUVINOX till the colour changes to aqua blue. This indicates that the water is in desirable range of pH i.e. around pH 5.5


  • First treat the water with Multiplex EQUVINOXand then mix pesticide or nutrient fertilizer.
  • Do not add Multiplex EQUVINOXif the product contains lime, lime sulphur, Bordeaux mixture, carbonate, hydride, etc.


Benefits of Multiplex EQUVINOX:

  • Helps in conversion of unsuitable water to suitable water for preparing spray solution.
  • Increases the efficiency of pesticides
  • Improves foliar applied nutrient use efficiency
  • Reduces the number of sprays

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