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Thiodicarb 75 WP (75% w/w)

Larvin is a carbamate insecticide very effective against lepidopteran pests. Larvin is best suited for pest management programmes because it exhibits combined ovicidal, larvicidal, adulticidal and residual activity. Larvin, being a strong stomach poison provides the best solution for the control of gregarious polyphagous leaf feeders like Spodoptera.

Mode of Action :

Primarily acts as an ingestion toxicant with some complimentary contact action and acts by inhibiting cholinesterase enzyme.

Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) Classification No. 1 A

Advantages :

  • Larvin offers the user a powerful tool for controlling Lepidoptera and a viable alternative for use in rotational spray programs to delay the onset of resistance to other insecticides

  • The residual activity of Larvin provides control until new growth by the crop, excessive rainfall or intense and continuous insect pest pressure

  • The insecticidal properties of Larvin are not adversely affected by high temperature or light

  • Larvin exhibits combined ovicidal, larvicidal, adulticidal and residual activity

  • Larvin 75 WP is an ideal choice for IPM & IRM programmes

  • Specialist in Spodoptera litura control.

Dosage: 2 grms/ltr

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