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ANANT INSECTICIDE ( अनंत कीटनाशक )

Rallis India

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Bighaat Bighaat

Anant contains Thiamethoxam has unique chemical properties , which result in excellent control of many sucking and chewing pests.

It provides excellent control against insects such as Aphids , Jassids, and hoppers etc. It also effectively controls Thrips and Whiteflies in wide range of crops like Cotton, Paddy ,Fruits and Vegetables.
It has long systemic effect i.e. immediately after spray it is absorbed by the plants and thus give longer protection to the sprayed crop.
It has unique translaminar action i.e. after spray it spreads sideways in the plant and thus control even those insects, which are hidden.
Results of this product are visible within few hours after spray.
It is very economical and convenient as single spray of this product protects the sprayed crop 12-15 days. Its single spray is equivalent to 2 sprays of old insecticides and thus you save a cost of insecticides, labour and efforts.
By controlling insect vectors of diseases, it prevents the spread of diseases, it prevents the spread of diseases like leaf curl in Cotton

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

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