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Color Enhancer

In agriculture end product the price is dependent on the quality of the produce, where colour plays a major role. The colour of the end product or fruit is dependent on the genetics, environmental conditions, crop load in the plant, plant nutrition and effective release and utilisation of the plant bio activators by the plant system. The discoloration or improper colouring of the fruits or the output due to improper pigmentation at final stage is major issue with the said factors. 

The pigmentation of the fruits or the harvest may be altered by supplying the required plant bio activators at final stage so the uniform pigmentation is achieved. These colour enhancers may be sprayed on the final harvest just before harvesting. The chromoplasts are responsible for the colour of the fruit skin and the colour enhancer can help to trigger the chromoplasts to release the bright colour.

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West Coast Rasayan

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500 gm

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