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  • An international company, dedicated to innovative and sustainable development of the highest quality vegetable seeds.
  • A leader in the vegetable seed business and #2 worldwide thanks to our mother company Limagrain
  • A culturally diverse and collaborative team, working in over 30 countries, serving growers on every continent.
  • Committed to our growers, shippers, distributors, and dealers. Their customers are our customers.
  • Passionate about working side-by-side in the field with our customers to produce the most effective and reliable seeds for local growing.
  • Focused on innovation, successful solutions, and customer satisfaction.
  • Made up of farmers, researchers, scientists and project managers, dedicated to serving the needs of our customers.

Agricultural Products
ALANKAR TOMATO F1 (अलंकार टमाटर) -

ALANKAR TOMATO F1 (अलंकार टमाटर)


₹ 1,254 ₹ 1,700

10 gms

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