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    Here are some High-Quality Chemical products for the Management of Termites . Buy Best Quality Agri products online at BigHaat. BigHaat Provides 100% genuine Chemical  products for the Management of Termites and Best Quality Agricultural products Online.

    Termites attack a broad range of crops and other plants including trees that have a high cellulose content. Among cereal crops, maize is the most often damaged by termites.

    Other crops which are damaged by termites are cotton, deciduous fruit trees, groundnuts, pasture grasses, plantation trees, sorghum, soybeans, sugar cane, tea, tobacco and wheat.   Plants are readily attacked when they have been damaged or have been under some form of stress, such as drought or sometimes even water logging.  Timber may also be damaged.

    Incidentally some termites may improve soil quality by building tunnels in the ground and improve penetration of air and water into the ground as well as adding organic matter to the soil.

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