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LAUDIS HERBICIDE ( लॉडिस शाकनाशी ) -

LAUDIS HERBICIDE ( लॉडिस शाकनाशी )


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Bighaat Bighaat



Technical Name: Tembotrione 42% SC (34.4% w/w)


Laudis is a broad spectrum post emergence herbicide recommended for use along with surfactant for control of broad leaf and grassy weeds in corn. Tembotrione, the active ingredient in Laudis, represents the latest innovation in the well-proven bleacher technology from Bayer CropScience.


The addition of isoxadifen, Bayer's proprietary saftener, protects corn from herbicide stress and offers crop tolerance, even under very challenging corn growing conditions.



Tembotrione, the active ingredient in Laudis, inhibits the activity of the 4 hydroxy-phenyl-pyruvate-dexygenase (4 HPPD) enzyme. The formation of carotenoid (plant pigments) is disrupted by the blockage of the enzyme. Depletion of carotenoids deprives chlorophyll - where photosynthesis takes place - of its protection against an over dose of light and this results in chlorophyll bleaching.

The symptoms of Laudis action become visible fast and the full weed control effect is seen within a few days of application.

Herbicide Resistance Action Committee(HRAC) Classification Group F2



  • Sets new standard in crop safety with no known variety restriction
  • Performs consistently
  • Laudis ensures broad spectrum of performance
  • Works fast, rapidly rain fast
  • Offers maximum convenience - early to late post emergence application
  • Has minimal carry over potential.




Crop Weeds

Echinochloa sp.
Trianthema sp.
Bracharia sp


115ml/ acre


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Customer Reviews

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