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Chemical Herbicides

Chemical herbicides are the pesticides used to kill the unwanted plants called weeds and most of them are herbs in the desired crop. Herbicides works or kills the weeds by inhibition of growth, interruption or disruption of the regular plant growth. The amino acid and protein synthesis of the herbs or weeds gets get disturbs and finally will be killed.

Herbicides can be classified as pre-emergent or post emergent herbicides based on the time of application. Based on the selectivity they are classified and selective or non-selective herbicides. 

Mode of action of the herbicides on the herbs or weeds

  1. Lipid Biosynthesis
  2. Amino acid biosynthesis
  3. Plant growth regulators
  4. Photosynthesis inhibitors
  5. Nitrogen metabolism inhibitor
  6. Pigment inhibitors
  7. Cell membrane disruptors
  8. Seedling – growth inhibitor

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CLINCHER HERBICIDE  ( क्लिंचर शाकनाशी ) -

CLINCHER HERBICIDE ( क्लिंचर शाकनाशी )

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100 ml

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