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    Azaal Neem Oil Insecticide
    Azaal Neem Oil Insecticide
    AZAAL NEEM OIL ( अज़ाल नीम कीटनाशक )
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    Here are some High-Quality Biological products for the Management of Red Spider Mites . Buy Best Quality Agri products online at BigHaat. BigHaat Provides 100% genuine Biological products for the Management of Red Spider Mites and Best Quality Agricultural products Online.

    Red spider mites (TETRANYCHUS EVANSI) which lives on tomato crop are small and have eight legs. The colour of the red spider may vary from light orange to deep orange or brown.

    The mites can live in the temperatures in between 100 C to 340 C. The total duration of the life cycle is 14 days at lower temperatures 210 C and less than a week at higher temperatures of 300 C. Red spider mites have the ability to hibernate without food in the winter and emerge out and re-infest the crops in favourable seasons.The Red spider mites may go more than 1 lakh within a span of one month at high dry temperatures. In high humid conditions the reproduction rates are lesser.

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