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    Here are some High-Quality Biological  products for the Management of Headrot in coles . Buy Best Quality Agri products online at BigHaat. BigHaat Provides 100% genuine Biological products for the Management of  Headrot in coles and Best Quality Agricultural products Online.

    Infections may occur on the stem at the soil line, on the leaves at their bases, or where the foliage comes in contact with the soil; but most infections originate at the top or on the sides of midseason to mature cabbage heads. The infections begin as tan, water-soaked, circular areas, which soon become covered by white, cottony fungal growth, thus also referred to as white mold. The host tissue becomes soft and watery as the disease progresses. The fungus eventually colonizes the entire cabbage head and produces large, black, seed-like structures called sclerotia on the diseased tissue

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