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Helic - O - Lure / Helicoverpa Armigera Pheromone Lure

  • Control: Helicoverpa armigera (Cotton Bollworm)
  • Host crops: Bengal Gram, Redgram, BlackGram, Chilli, Chrysanthemum, cotton, Cow pea, Green Gram, Tobacco, Groundnut, Indian Bean, Maize, Okra, Sorghum, Soyabean, Tomato.


  • Monitoring and proper management of specific pest.
  • No any harmful effects on surrounding.
  • Controls Target pest.
  • Reduces pesticide usage 


  • Pheromone used 99% pure.
  • 100% Effective from other commercial product.
  • Lure working day in field life 30- 45 days.
  • Depend on weather conditions.
  • Packing signal unit in anti smell realizing pouch.
  • Dispenser - Silicon rubber Septa.
  • Lure can stay for one year without removing from packing.

Pest Identification:

  • It is a Stout-bodied moth of typical noted appearance, size and colour of moths are variable.
  • Body length is 1220 mm, wing span 30-40 mm. Female forewings are orange-brown; males have lighter, greenish-gray wings. Dark band is situated between external transversal and sub-marginal lines.
  • Transversal lines, sub-marginal line and reniform spot are diffused. Hind-wings are lighter, pale-yellow, with brown band before external edge; dark round spot is situated in the middle of wing.
  • Helico Lure Its Best Way to Control damages of Soybean and tomato. Insect are damages to fruits. Helco lure will control the damages and save fruits. Helico lure reduce the cost and burden of unnecessary spraying of pesticides, which in return reduces our environment from contaminating. Due to low pesticide residue the produce meets the demand in export markets and gives profitability to the growers.
  • Technology (Insect Sex Pheromone Technology): It is the process of attraction, and trapping the insect those damages to crops.

Per Acre Use:

  • 10-15 Traps(Monitoring)/15-20 Traps(Mass Trapping)


      • Avoid direct chemical contact with lure

    Suitable trap for Helco-O-lure: 

    • Funnel Trap
    • Field Life : 45 Days (After Installation)
    • Shelf Life: 1 Years (From Mgf.date)

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