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Bighaat Bighaat

OPTIMUS™ is an organic solution composed of L- amino acids, crude proteins, carbon, and minerals from natural sources through organic fermentation process, free of high temperatures and harsh industrial chemicals which results in a potent anti‐stress bio ‐ stimulant for excellent plant growth, flowering and fruiting performance.

OPTIMUS™when applied to the crops on the foliar plants quickly and rapidly absorb it. It encourages soil microbial growth and restores plants in case of stressful events caused by drastic environmental changes, mechanical damage, salinity, toxicity, etc.
OPTIMUS™ is used in many crops such as cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruit, wine, and tree crops with promising yield increase.

Supplement of L- Amino acid to the crops through foliar application stimulates protein synthesis of plants and resist to abiotic factors has been widely documented and highly recommended by the scientific community all over the world.

The requirement of amino acids in essential quantities by crops is well documented to increase yield and overall quality of crops. The application of amino acids to foliar of crops is based on its requirement by plants in general and at critical stages of growth. Plants absorb amino acids through stomata and are balanced to environment temperature.

In general, amino acids are fundamental ingredients in the process of protein synthesis. About 18 important amino acids are involved in the process of each function. Studies have proved that amino acids can directly or indirectly influence the physiological activities of the plant. Amino acids are also supplied to plant by incorporating them into the soil. It helps in improving the micro flora of the soil thereby facilitating the assimilation of nutrients.

Foliar nutrition in the form of L- Amino acids liquid spray provides readymade building blocks for protein synthesis. Proteins have a structural function, metabolic function (enzymes), a transport function and a stock of amino acids function. Only L - Amino acids are assimilated by plants. D - Amino acids are not recognised by the enzymatic locus and therefore cannot participate in protein synthesis. 

Spray @ 2mL/L

OPTIMUS™is recommended to be used @1 litre/ha a week before branching/flowering/fruit setting stages of crops. Spray volume of 400 – 500 litre water/ha will be sufficient for a satisfactory foliar application in any given crop. Application during morning hours is most preferred. Two to three rounds of spray during the entire crop period are recommended

    > Leads to increase synthesis of protein, chlorophyll, and photosynthesis
    > Optimus would stimulate plant root and shoot development
    > Optimus may encourage root mass, nutrient uptake, and environmental tolerance
    > Optimus would support crop by enabling water nutrient use efficiency
    > Supports improvements in pollination rates, better fruit formation and yield
    > Contains highly plant available L-Aminos extracted from natural source

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews Write a review

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