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Bighaat Bighaat


AG Fort is a sustainable and an eco-friendly product that boosts plant immunity and
resistance to the viral attacks. AG Fort incorporates SUPRTM pathways technology to unlock the plant’s defence mechanism and improves overall health of the plant.

A unique and proprietary formulation to provide broad-spectrum protection against plant viruses
A prophylactic approach to unlock the pathogen resistance pathways
Mechanism of Action using SUPRTM Pathways technology
100% natural product, derived from extracts of sea plants
Certified organic by IMO Control as per NPOP standards
Increases crop yields through improved health and reduced disease symptoms
Rigorous and repeatedly tested with various crop systems by University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), GKVK, Bangalore

Benefits of AG Fort In Vegetable,
Reduces leaf curling and chlorosis
Improves plant’s vigour and reduces stunting
Improves colour and size of the fruit In papaya and watermelon,
Reduces Ringspots & undulation on fruits
Decreases Chlorosis and mottling on leaves
Improves plant’s vigour and reduces stunting In Grams,
Promotes Photosynthesis & Reduces Yellow Mosaic spots on leaves
Improves plant’s vigour and crop canopy
Delays disease onset and seeds shrivelling

Dosage: 300 ML per acre or 1.5 ml per liter of water

Spray Schedule:
1. AG Fort should be sprayed during the vegetative and reproductive stages
2. For Vegetable Crops and Watermelons - First Spray at 10-15 Days after planting followed by two sprays at 15 days interval
3. Papaya- At an interval of 15-20 days during vegetative and reproductive growth

Directions for use:
1. AG Fort is suitable for use in foliar spray equipment
2. Apply in calm weather conditions, preferably in the morning
3. Store at ambient temperature, away from direct sunlight
4. Shake well before use
5. Use the solution immediately after dilution


AG Fort is water soluble, and it is compatible with most agro-chemicals. However, it is
advised to test its compatibility in the solution


Processed Macroalgal extract 24% w/w min, Natural Acidity Regulator, Stabilizer and
aqueous diluent: 76% w/w

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