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Bighaat Bighaat



Tafaban is a 20% EC formulation of Chlorophyriphos, the highest sold Organophosphate Insecticide in the world. Chlorophyriphos is also one of the highest selling Insecticides in the country. It is commonly used in the control of Fruit Borers, Stem Borers and Leaf Eating Caterpillars on a wide range of Crops like Cotton, Pulses, Oilseeds, Rice etc.


Chlorophyriphos is a broad spectrum contact and stomach insecticide with vapor action and a quick knockdown effect. The technical is available as 95% (w/w).

Chlorophyriphos Formulations are available in 20%, 48%, 38.7% & 21.2% EC. We could also supply customized formulations.



Acidity (as H2SO4) 0.1% max
Moisture Content 0.1% max
Acetone Insoluble Material 0.5% max
Color /Appearance White to Brown semi-solid mass

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Customer Reviews

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