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Bighaat Bighaat


cFog Pond Automation device takes complete control of real time water quality monitoring with Autonomous Secure Edge technology that reduces the risk factor and operational costs using Artificial Intelligence with Advance Alerting Technology for aqua business. With this technology all into business of aqua farming will be able to monitor their farm's water behavioral parameters 24x7 beyond boundaries with cFog App / web application. It comes with features that can automate both the aerators and feeders across multiple ponds, resulting in better pond management and reduces your energy bills with huge margins* (need to buy motor controller separately)


> Real time parameter monitoring using best-in-class edge computing technology,artifical intelligence and machine lerning algorithms.

> Reduces cost of ownership by driving down the production costs.

> SMS and App (iOS and Android) Notifications.

> Live monitoring of pond parameters.

> Hardware that's self-powered and resistant to elements (IP 67 certified).

Key features of cFog device

  1. pH Values
  2. DO Values
  3. Water Temperature
  4. Ammonia Values
  5. Pond History
  6. Predictive Analysis
  7. Weather Reports of the region
  8. Green technology
  9. Sensor Cleaning Mechanism
  10. Live Web Dashboard and more.
  11. Once the device is installed you'll be provided with cFog App for (Android or iOS device) Web application credentials
  12. cFog device complete manual guide
  13. cFog Single Unit box (plug & play) 
Customer care number: 7702400136


warranty Inclusions Exclusions
Product One year on sensors and cleaning unit 90 days on battery from date of activation
90 days on Solar panel from date of installation
90 days on mounting unit
Any manufacturing defect is included in the warranty
Warranty is not applicable if the seal is broken
Warranty is not applicable if the device is tampered
Warranty is void if the device is submerged in water as described to a maximum level
Warranty is void if there is any transport of accidental damage arising by CP or dealer
Service Two free services are included in the first 90 day period (one culture) if required From second culture onwards, service will be charged separately as applicable
Components needing replacement during service will be charged separately and does include warranty

Customer care number: 7702400136