Mini Fact sheet - Onion purple blotch (151)

Onion is an important commercial crop grown in India. Onion Allium cepa belongs to the family Amaryllidaceae. Onion and garlic crops show a symptom of tip burn in the crop developmental stages. The process of tip burning may be natural when crop is nearing to mature stage but in young plants tip burn may be due to multiple reasons. The possible reasons may be a deficiency of a nutrient, fungal infection or even an insect attack.

                         Onion tip burn due to fungal infections

Why onion and garlic plants show tip burn problem?

Blowing wind, sun light, heat, accumulated salts, etc., may be directly or indirectly be a cause for the tip burn in onion and garlic crops. Here the onion or garlic crop and

Browning, dry tip foliage may be a reason of fungal infection which initially may look like tip burn.


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