Farmers Need Price Stabilization Fund: Dr Jayaprakash Narayan

In the wake of the recent events that are happening in Madhya Pradesh, Dr Jayaprakash Narayan has suggested that the farmers need a massive boost in the form of Price stabilisation fund.


He has also stressed on a lot of changes are needed in storage and processing, protective tariffs on pulse and oil seeds and in retail chains. 


"Farmers need assured and timely credit, efficient markets, logistics & value addition; NOT freebies of politicians & judicial excess. Loan waivers benefit parties-1987 Haryana, 1990 & 2009 GoI, 2014 AP & TS, 2017 UP, now UP, Maharashtra & TN. But farmers remain poor and agriculture declines!!! We must decide: policies and investments to boost productivity, markets and agricultural incomes or short-term term Sops that perpetuate status quo? " he said


Dr JP has previously worked effortlessly for the sake of farmers for making them get minimum support prices. He was instrumental in lifting the ban imposed on farmers to sell their products in other states and as a result, farmers have received crores of rupees as additional income.


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