Maharashtra government wants Centre to strengthen Seeds Act

The Maharashtra government today informed the Legislative Council that it has sent a proposal to the Centre to strengthen the Seeds Act, that will serve as a deterrent to bogus seeds selling companies.

During the Question Hour, Congress MLC Rajendra Mulak asked whether the state government had in April this year received reports from laboratories that soyabean seeds samples sent for testing were of inferior quality and had less than 50 per cent cultivation capacity. 

"If it is true that such a report has been received, what action has the government taken against the companies involved in wrongdoings and if no action has been taken, what are the reasons for that?" he asked.

In his response, state Agriculture Minister Eknath Khadse said only the Central government has the right to amend the Seeds Act-1966, and according to the current provisions, a company is penalised Rs 500 for a first time offence and if the offence is repeated, the concerned co ..

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