Modi calls for revolutions in farm, allied sectors

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that India cannot wait for the second Green Revolution, which must come from eastern states and also called for similar revolutions in energy, milk and fisheries to make the country self-sufficient.

Thanking farmers for taking his advice seriously, Modi said sowing of pulses and oilseeds has touched a record this Kharif (summer) season.

Addressing the 87th foundation day of premium agri-research body ICAR here, Modi asked agri-scientists and progressive farmers to ensure the country does not need to import any farm commodities in the future.

He emphasised on increasing crop yields per hectare and expressed concern over agri-wastage, while pitching for food processing and value-addition to boost farmers income.

“We have benefited from the first Green Revolution. But the country cannot wait for the second Green Revolution. We are already late. We need to prepare plans to achieve second green revolution,” he said.

“I can see clearly that the second Green Revolution will take place from eastern states like Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, and eastern Uttar Pradesh,” he added.

Emphasising on taking research from lab to land, Modi exhorted agricultural scientists to give a report to him in six months identifying priorities needed to be given for fast pacing the farm growth.

“As agricultural land is shrinking, there is a need to increase crop yields per hectare through newer research in the field of agriculture,” Modi said and urged the agri scientists of the country to help this happen.

Modi praised Indian scientists for their work despite budgetary constraints, and emphasised the need for scientific innovations in the agriculture sector to move from “lab to land,” so that farmers can benefit from them.

He said that his government’s priority was to usher in four-prong revolutions in tune with the four colours - saffron, green, white and blue in the national flag.

“We have tricolour flag. There is blue chakra. I believe that there is a need for ‘Chatur Kranti’ (fourth revolution) in the country,” Modi said while naming these four revolutions as - green, saffron, white and blue.

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