Asia: vegetable production hub!

Global vegetable production is around 261 million tons, which is around 20% of global food grain production().But, out of this, 225 million tons is produced in Asia  itself. Considering the fact that Asia has half of global population, Asian countries produce ( and consume ?) more vegetables than their counter parts in other continents. Vegetable production of Asia is around 70  Kg/yr/capita, as compared to global production of 40  Kg/yr/capita.  Major production in  Asia  is coming from China  (152 million tons) and India (31  million tons).More alarming fact is that  India, major populous country of Asia, has only 24 Kg vegetable production per capita per year. This is alarmingly low considering global per capita production and is a clear indicator of low nutritional status of Indian food- as vegetables are main providers of minerals and vitamins.

            Hence, there is an urgent necessity to step up the production of vegetables by using high yielding varieties and modern techniques of cultivation. More important is that these  vegetables  must be made accessible  to larger population below poverty line both in terms of price and space, so that average nutritional quality  of poor man’s food is improved. 

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