Papaya (Carica papaya) crop is vulnerable to deadly viral diseases like Papaya ring spot virus [PRSV] and Papaya leaf curl virus [PLCV].

   Papaya Leaf curl virus  Papaya leaf curl virus

Papaya ring spot virus[PRSV] disease show the symptoms of apical growth of the plants turn to light green, mosaic appearance, development of oily streaks on the leaf pipes and on the stem. Formation of rings on the fruits producing less quality harvest with mis-hap fruits. PRSV may infect all the crop growth stages from younger to older.

   Papaya ring spot virus disease  Papaya ring spot virus disease

Leaf curl virus disease show the symptoms of curly nature of the growing leaves and the whole plant. The leaf curl virus disease is more common in young growing crop stages.

   Papaya ring spot virus disease  Papaya virus infections

Plant growth stimulating agents may be sprayed on the infected papaya crop to manage the virus disease. Click the link find the biostimulants to manage the Papaya ring spot virus disease.

    Micronutrients to manage viral infections on Papaya crop  

    Biostimulants to manage viral infections on Papaya crop



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