Root Knot Nematodes in Guava- Damage and Management

Root Knot Nematodes in Guava- Damage and Management


Guava (Psidium guajava L.) is one of the important commercial fruits in India. A number of plant pathogens of have been reported to attack guava trees including fungi, bacteria, algae and nematodes.


The Organism

In present Guava cultivation a new species of root-knot nematode i.e. Meloidogyne enterolobii is an emerging problem and wide spreading now across the country.



Guava plant show above-ground decline symptoms

    • Drastic reduction in plant growth, before death of tree
    • Leaves shows bronzing
    • Plant exhibits stunting growth
    • Number, size of Flowers and fruit will get reduced
    • Declined yield quality and quantity.
    • Damage1
    Below ground symptoms-
    • Roots with large sized galls,
    • Absence of fine white roots, a poorly developed root system
    • Severely infested roots will be distorted by small and large multiple galls
    • Brown colored degraded roots are visible at severely infected roots.



      1. Marshal 3 mL/L + Ecohume 3 mL/L of water +


      1. Trifos 3 mL/L + Gibrax Phytozyme 3 mL/L of water and    +


      Important Note:

      • Above mixtures should be drenched about 3 – 4 litre per tree
      • Two to three times each combination
      • One after the other at weekly intervals
      • Irrigation must not be provided two days before application and after application of the above mixtures.



      Senior Agronomist, BigHaat.


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