Protect Chilli Seedlings from Deadly Viral Diseases...


Leaf curl virus [Gemini virus], mosaic virus and TOSPO [tomato spotted wilt virus] are deadly viral infections which invade green chilies and red chilli crops. Prevention is better than cure is the only mantra farmers can follow to protect the chilli crops from these deadly viral infections.

                Viral infections on chilli crop

Many of the viral infections are spread from plant to plant is at young growing stages before the age of 25 days and this particular stage is most vulnerable stage for spreading and carrying the viral infections which may express at later stages . Sucking pests like whiteflies, thrips, aphids and other plant hoppers are very much fond of seedlings at this age due to soft and succulence of plant parts to suck the plant sap. These insects not only suck the plant sap but also spread the viral infections form plant to plant and act as vectors for disease spread.

                    Sucking pests infestations on chilli crop which also spreads viral diseases

Farmers are neglecting this stage of crop to protect from viral infections rather trying to manage at later stages when infections are at peak, where it is impossible many times. So, the saplings may be raised under controlled conditions where the germinated saplings or seedlings will be protected from so called vectors providing minimal chances of viral infections at later stages.

                            Nursery raisings of chilli crop

                              Nursery raising of chilli crop


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