Pest and disease management on Mango flowers

                                           Mango fruits

In India the flowering in mango crop is usually from October to January based on topography, varieties and climatic conditions.

 Flowers initiation in Mango Full bloom in mango

During the flowering stage the flowers are vulnerable to peats and diseases. Since flowering is at cooler climates, the powdery mildew disease is most common, anthracnose is another disease which affects mango flowers and fruit lets. Anthracnose disease is visible at post-harvest stage if not managed at flowering stage.

Powdery mildew infection on nMango flowers

Mango inflorescence is sweet, and to suck the sweet from inflorescence twigs, and to eat the branches some of the pests also attacks the mango flowers. Sucking pests like mango hoppers, sometime thrips and aphids also attacks.

Plant hoppers on mango flowers

Sooty mold due to mango hoppers damage

Sooty mold on mango flowers due to mango hoppers infestation


These pests are severe at flower setting and developmental stages. Fruit flies are also important damaging pest of mango before ripening stage.

Fruit flies infestation on mango fruits

Stone weevil or seed weevil, will not eat pulp but get inside and eats seed part, but reduces the fruit aesthetic value. 

 Stone weevil infestation in mango fruits

Following sprays may be administered to manage all the diseases and pests at flowering stage.

First spray: Before Flowering

 Liquid Sulfur 3 mL/L + Tafgor 2 mL/L + 13:00:45 - 3 gm/L + Spraywell - 1mL/L

 Spray for mango before flowering

Second spray: During Flowering

Contaf plus 2 gm/L+ Asataf 2 gm/L + Boron -20 1 gm/L + Immun Mango Special 3 mL/L + Spraywell - 1mL/L

 Spray for mango at flowering stage

Third  spray: After Flowering

Bengard 2 gm/L + Nuvan 2 ml/l + Gibrax Phytozyme 3 ml/l + Spraywell - 1mL/L

 Spray for mango after flowering

Fourth spray: During fruit development

Multiplex Kranti 3ml/l + Confidor 0.5 mL/L + 13:00:45 - 3 gm/L + Spraywell - 1mL/L

 Spray for mango during frut developmental stage

Fruit fly traps can be installed at fruit stage to bring down the fruit fly infestation on mango fruits.

Fruit trap fro fruit fly on mango fruits


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