Pest and Disease Management in Organic Farming

The Health of present generation has been badly affected due to consumption of food that contains high levels of carcinogenic chemicals. Crop protection systems with non scientific methodologies have increased harmful chemical levels in food. To overcome the ill effects, the traditional age old farming practices of our fore fathers have to be adopted.

Organically grown Fruits and vegetables

  • Organic farming system basically adopts the use of beneficial microbes (bio-fertilizers) to release nutrients from left over organic farm residue.
  • This enables the soil micro flora & fauna to grow & multiply resulting in sustainable production of crops.
  • The Bio-pesticides helps to keep the crop pests below the economic threshold levels.
  • This will surely enable the farmer to produce pesticide free food for the present generation and contribute to pollution free environment.

“Organic farming is  cultivation of crops excluding the use of synthetic inputs (such as fertilizers, pesticides etc),  depending  upon crop residues, animal manures, off-farm organic waste, mineral grade rock additives, following crop rotations and biological system of nutrient mobilization and plant protection”.

Some of the organic eco-friendly food safe plant protection agents may be adapted in Organic farming

Pest Control may be controlled by using plant based products like neem extracts, neem oil, pongam oil. Biological agents like fungi, insects, bacteria, virus may also be used to kill pests and control the diseases. Animal  extracts like fish oil and spinocin from bacteria also can kill insects. Viral bodies Poly hedral bodies can also be used to kill many lepidopteran pests.


Bighaat sells many organic 100 % eco-friendly food safe plant protection agriculture inputs as provided below.

  1. Neem oil 10000 ppm & 3000 ppm

Organic Agriculture Neem oil 1

Organic Agriculture Neem oil2

Econeem plus and Neemark products – Controls the sucking pests, Kills insects eggs, small caterpillars on various crops

  1. Fish Oil

Organic Agriculture Fish oil

Meenark – Kills sucking pests like scales, Mealy bugs and aphids

  1. Spinosad bacterial Extract - bio pesticide

Organic Agriculture Biopesticide

Tracer- Kills Controls the sucking pests, Kills insects eggs, lepidopteran caterpillars etc on various crops

Bio control agents

Organic Agriculture Biopesticide2

Attacks mites which infests many fruits and vegetables

Organic Agriculture Bio fungicide

Organic Agriculture Bio fungicides


Organic Agriculture Bio fungicide

Organic Agriculture Bio Fungicides

Organic Agriculture- BioFungicide

Organic Farming viral disease control

Calbahaar, Calphomil, Treat, Spot , V –Kure  – Controls many foliar diseases like mildews, Rusts blights and spot diseases on vegetable and fruit crops.

V- Bind is the natural product which can manage viral infections on plants.


Organic Farming Biofertilisers

Organic Farming biofertilisera

Organic Farming organic waste decomposer

Ignite contains all the biofertilisers like Nitrogen fixers, Phosphorous, Potassium micronutrient and solubilisers, and mobilisers which have active role in nutrient uptake, utilisation; plant growth and development.

Calrhiza is nitrogen fixing bacteria which helps in nitrogen conversion reactions and makes nitrogen availability and utilisation more effective.

Organic Waste Decomposer effectively decomposes hardy farm waste in lesser time.

  1. Plant Nutrition:

Organic growth regulators

Organic Farming growth promoters

Organic Mango growth promoter

Organic Farming natural flower PGR



Senior Agronomist, BigHaat.


Disclaimer: The performance of the product(s) is subject to usage as per manufacturer guidelines. Read enclosed leaflet of the product(s) carefully before use. The use of this product(s) /information is at the discretion of user.

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