Plant requires more than 15 essential nutrients to complete its life cycle with healthy sturdy growth with minimum disease and pest attacks. Categorised in to three classifications like Major, Secondary and micronutrients all the nutrients are compulsorily required.

          Nitrogen is one of the major nutrients required for the growth and development of plants. It is required for the vegetative and reproductive growth phases. It has an important role in increase of size of the plant and plant parts and very importantly the maintenance of female to male flowers ratio in majority of the crops.

Supplementation of nitrogen, its form when applied, and form of availability in the soil is most important factor growth and development. Usually the nitrogen is available and absorbed by the plants in Nitrate form and Ammonia forms. These forms are having direct relation with the disease and pest resistances and incidence.

In vegetable crops, Cucurbits and fruit crops like Papaya viral infections are common. It was observed when these crops were supplemented with ammonia-cal form nitrogen, the viral infections was increased. The similar crops supplemented with Nitrate form of nitrogen viral infections were minimum.

Surprisingly the viral infected crops, when sprayed [4 times in weekly intervals along with other plant protection products] with Manganese nutrient the further symptoms of viral infections was gradually reduced. This was observed in above mentioned crops for 4 seasons.

K Sanjeeva Reddy,

Senior Agronomist


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