Management of Thrips and Mites on Chilli Crop


Management of Thrips  and Mites on Chilli Crop

Chilli crop is infested mostly by sap sucking insects which include the thrips, aphids and whiteflies and sometimes boring insects, mainly the fruit borers. Chilli crop also will be infested with mites which are non-insects. Obviously these pest damage symptoms are on the leaves and fruits. Leaf curls and rotting of fruits are common during these pest infestations.

Thrips are slightly yellow coloured small sized (1–2 mm long) sucking pests and very mobile. Both the adult and nymph stages of thrips suck sap from the leaves, stems and fruits. The damaged young apical leaves curl upwards. The thrips infested stems and fruits become hard. Reports also say that some of viral diseases are also spread through the thrips.

Spray with

Delegate 0.5 mL/L OR Tracer 0.375 mL/L or Phoskill 1.5 mL/L + Asataf 1.05 gm/l +  OR*tracer* + OR +

Mites are tiny, spider-like creatures found underneath the leaf surfaces. The yellow tea mites or broad mites are most common in chilli and capsicum crops. Red mites are also usual in these crops. The adults of mites are eight legged while the larvae are six legged. Mites can be easily dispersed by wind and their populations normally build up during the dry weather. Both adults and larvae suck sap from the leaves resulting in the leaves curling downwards. In severe infestation, commonly the scars appear on the stem and fruit skin.

Maiden – mL/L + Calmyte 1 mL/L + Econeem plus 1 mL/L  OR Magister 2 mL/L + Calmyte 2 mL/L + Ahaar 1 mL/L +  OR +  


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