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Management of Stem borer in Paddy

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Management of Stem borer in Paddy

The larvae of stem borer bore at the base of the plants during the vegetative stage. The stem borer pest infestation is more prominent in deepwater rice with continuous flooding.

  • Dead tillers or Dead hearts that can be easily pulled from the base during the vegetative stages
  • Whiteheads during reproductive stage making emerging panicles whitish and unfilled or empty.
  • Tiny holes are seen on the stems and tillers
  • The damaged stems will be filled with Frass or fecal matters

Paddy stemborer

Dead hearts and whiteheads symptoms are also confused with damages caused by rats, neck blast, and black bug diseases. For clear confirmation one should check for infestations at different stages. Stems or tillers may be pulled out and cut open for larvae and pupae to confirm stem borer damage.

Spray that can control the stem borers of Paddy crop.

1. Caldon 2 gm/ L + Neemark 1 % 1 mL/L

Stem borer1 +


2. Coragen 0.33 mL/L + Raccalto Spraywell 

Stem 2 +


Jashn 2 mL/L + Active neem oil 1 mL/L

Stem 3 +  


To control stem borers insects of paddy in addition to the foliar spray the granulated insecticides may be applied like Cover insecticide 4 kg per acre

stem 4

 K Sanjeeva Reddy,

Senior Agronomist

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