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Soybean crop is mainly prone to sucking pests like Thrips, Aphids, white flies, bugs, leaf feeders and pod borers. Following sprays can be planned and sprayed at different stages of the crop to manage the above mentioned insects.

Soyabean pests

First spray: First spray may be done at 15 – 20 days after sowing with Pyramid 0.5 gm/L + Active Gold neem oil 2mL/L. +

First Spray

Second spray: Second spray may be done at 30 – 35 days after sowing with Jashn 2 mL/L + Active Gold neem oil 2mL/L. +

second spray

Third spray [Only if required]: Third spray can be done at 45- 50 days after sowing with Coragen 0.33 mL/L + Active Gold neem oil 2mL/L. +

third spray

Note: Active Gold Neem oil has ovicidal activity which may kill eggs of all the insects at egg stage killing the embryo without allowing hatching and make insects feed on soybean. Active gold neem oil has also deterrent activity which deters the sucking pests. It is also the fumigant which may kill the smaller insects. In spite of all of these when mixed with other insecticides it has got dual benefits of controlling the insects and acting as sticking /spreading agent, making insecticidal spray more effective.


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Disclaimer: The performance of the product I,s subject to usage as per manufacturer guidelines. Read enclosed leaflet of the products carefully before use. The use of this product (s)/information is at the discretion of user.

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  • J.D.Gupta

    What are the various insecticides/ pesticides or Chemicals, which are added to the land in previous crop and have the damaging effects of the subsequent crop also.

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