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Management of Papaya Ring Spot Viral Disease

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Management of Papaya Ring Spot disease

Symptoms of the disease:

  • Top leaves begin to have yellow mosaic in the leaf blade and green oily streaks appear on the stem and petiole of younger leaves.
  • This ring spots appear on flowers and fruits.
  • Can cause production loss between 5-100% depending on the age in which the plant is affected.
  • The disease is said to be transmitted from plant to plant by aphids.

Papaya Ring spot Viral disease

Management strategies

  • Thoroughly screen the nursery bed for the infected seedlings and rogue them carefully and transplant only healthy seedlings and remove the diseased plants in the main field.
  • Spray with insecticides to check the sucking pests such as Aphids and Thrips which are transmitters of the viral disease.
  • Collateral hosts of the virus the gourd family’s crops such as Watermelon, Musk melon, Ridge gourd, Bottle gourd, snake gourd should not be grown in the vicinity of papaya plantation.
  • Weeds should be removed which may act as an additional hosts for the virus.
  • Integrated nutrient management supports the virus in control. Less of ammoiacal nitrogen and more of Potash along with Bio activators and micronutrients both as soil application and sprays.
  • Inclusion of Manganese micronutrient in the regular sprays will reduce the multiplication of Virus in the infected system and recovery of plants is observed.
  1. Bioactivators  that may be used for Soil application: Allure growth promoter 20 gm /plant or Keradix powder growth promoter 20 gm /plant or Sona Varsha plant energizer 20 gm /plant as basal application and once at flowering stage.
  1. For spray: Flower valley 1 mL/L OR Ahaar 2 mL/L or Optimus 2mL/L or scuba sp nutrient 0.5 ml/l can be used at various stages to make papaya plant grow sturdy and yield more flowers.
  2. Micronutrients for Soil application: Aries Agromin micro-nutrient fertilizer 30 gm per plant as basal dose or during earthing up and 50 gm/ plant during yielding stage.
  3. For Foliar spray : Agromin max 2 gm/L or Multimax 2.5 gm/L may be used.

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