Blast is fungal disease. All above ground parts of a rice plant: leaf, collar, node, neck, parts of panicle are usually affected by blast, and sometimes leaf sheath is also affected. Neck and nodes are infected singly or together with similar symptoms. Blast disease can cause plants to develop few or no grains at all.

Blast occurs in areas with low soil moisture, frequent and prolonged periods of rain shower, and cool temperature in the daytime wherever blast spores are present in high loads. In areas of upland rice, when dew formation on leaves is high due to vast day-night temperature differences favours the blast disease.

Weed management to be done to remove alternate hosts of the disease.

Disease free seedlings will help to grow disease free crop

Recommended doses of nutrients to be applied, especially the nitrogen, excess nitrogen will favours the disease. So application of nitrogen should be in split doses [50% basal, 25% in tillering phase and 25% N in panicle initiation stage]. The following sprays may help in managing the paddy blast disease organically.

V-Kure 2 gm/L + Bactosan 3 gm/L + Neemark 300 ppm 1 mL/L  +    +

 Paddy Blast


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