Late blight Disease of Solanaceous crops

Late blight Disease of Solanaceous crops

Solanaceous crops include tomato, pepper, eggplant (Brinjal), white and red potatoes. Late blight disease is severe disease for this family.  This disease is caused by the fungus Phytophthora infestans. The symptoms are irregular shaped water-soaked lesions are found on young leaves at the top part of the plant. Lesions become brown and pathogen sporulation can be seen under humid cold conditions. The leaves shrivel, become necrotic and die eventually shrivel.  Lesions can occur on stems and leaf pedicels which will be brown. The fungus can also infect potato tuber, tomato fruit causing circular greasy lesions.  In case of tomato fruit remain firm but spots eventually become leathery and chocolate brown and can enlarge to cover the entire fruit.

The disease can be controlled chemically and also using bio control agents. Bio control agents need to be precautionary.

Chemical control

Phytoalexin 4 mL/L + Blitox 2 gm/L OR Ridomet 0.5 gm/L + Kavach 1.5 gm/L +


Treat 10 gm/L + Econeem plus 1 mL/L  +


K Sanjeeva Reddy

Senior Agronimist

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