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Integrated Management of Leaf miners on crops

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Integrated Management of leaf miners on crops

Leaf miners are small insect larvae which burrow in between the leaf layers of soft succulent leaved crops. Adult insects lay eggs in leaves and larvae hatch out and feed tissues in between leaf surfaces, creating a hollow track or "mine" without any proper straight way.

Different classes of leaf miners.

  • Phyllocnistis citrella citrus leaf miners infests Citrus plants
  • Liriomyza sativae [Vegetable Leaf miners]; Liriomyza trifolii [Vegetable Leaf miners] soft leaved vegetables and cucurbits both on open fields and green houses, Liriomyza trifolii [Vegetable Leaf miners] also infests on Cabbage, Cauliflower, Turnips, Beets and Radishes.
  • Pegomya hyoscyami [Spinach leaf miners] infests on Spinach, Radishes and similar weeds and Tuta absolata [Tomato leaf miners] on tomato crop.

Damage and symptoms

  • Initial symptoms on leaf miners infestations look like twisted marks in white colour on leaves.
  • The mines can be noticed after 3 to 4 days after oviposition by the adults and size of the mine goes on increasing with the maturity of the larvae.
  • Severe damage makes leaves appear like stipples, leaf mining by the larvae and stippling of leaves reduces the photosynthetic ability of the leaves.
  • Extensive mining causes the pre mature leaf drop where yield attributes of the crop are seriously reduced.

Favorable conditions for leaf miner incidence

The life cycle takes only 2 weeks in warm weather; there are seven to ten generations a year. 


For effective control of the leaf miners all the stages of insect need to consider. Egg stage [on Leaf], larval stage [in Leaf], Pupal stage [in the soil] and Adult on [plants] insects need to be killed in integrated methods.

Egg stage and larval stage insects can be killed by use of Ovicidal insecticides like neem oil [Azaal 2 mL/L OR Activegold neem oil 2 mL/L OR Neemark 2 mL/L] and translaminar mode of action insecticides like triazophos [Trifos]2 mL/L . This spray also controls the adult flies.

Dupont benevia 200 mL per acre spray at 20 to 25 days of crop stage will control the leaf miner infestation.

Pupal stage of leaf miner insect pupates in soil so the pupa also needs to be killed for effective control of leaf miners in the crops stage. Fumigants and sysytemic insecticides can be sprayed [Predator OR Tafaban OR Durmet] or soil application with Cartap Hydrochloride 4 % [Caldan] will kill the pupa.

Leaf miners control

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