Important cultural practice to increases yield and quality of Tomato fruits!

Tomato is one of the most important vegetable crop of India which is under cultivation. Tomato is basically a summer season crop however with the interventions of crop improvement programme, it is being cultivated through out the year during all the three seasons (Summer, Rainy and Winter seasons).

Tomato is a vegetable which is consumed raw, cooked and even processed into various products. It is the number one vegetable crop which is used by food processing industry as a raw material and made into various valuable products which are even exported to other countries.


Farmers need to select suitable varieties based on the season of cultivation and also based on the region where they are cultivating the crop to get good price for their produce in the market. Apart from  this, there are certain cultural practices which are very much important in tomato cultivation which decides the final yield and quality of fruits. Among them Staking and Twining are very much operations farmers must follow.

Staking for tomatoes is done with different types

  1. Single plant staking- Each and Every plant is provided with one stalk, which is laborious and costly.



  1. Multiple plants staking– Strong vertical stakes for every 4-5 feet along the rows, the vertical stakes are tied with sticks or tough straight wire just above the plants depending on the nature of the variety. The plants below the wire or stick which is horizontal are tied with narrow light weight twine providing proper shape to the plants and branches.

  • 6-8 feet stakes have to be used for staking of tall varieties and 4-5 feet taller stakes for shorter varieties.
  • Make holes about 1 foot in the soil and drive the strong stake into the hole and press the soil around the stakes heavily keeping the stake straight hard enough to withstand the strong winds.
  • Avoid the stake hole near the root zone normally 5-6 inches away from the main stem.

Twining: The stems of the tomato plants are tied to the stake, so that the proper support is provided for the plant to grow and any kind of damage is avoided.


  • Better to tie the vines before every flower cluster and care must be taken to prevent the breakage of branches as they are succulent and tender.

  • For long duration varieties the twinning will be a continuous process until the maximum growth is achieved.


Staking and Twining in Tomato improves Yield and Quality

  • If farmers follow the above mentioned cultural practices they can get complete potential yield with very good quality of fruits which fetch more price and demand in the markets.





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