Importance and Use of Herbicides in Cotton crop


Cotton is the important commercial and fiber crop which is grown in India. India occupies first position in terms of area and production in world.

Cotton is a major kharif crop which is grown majorly in states like Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.  In these areas, the irrigated crop is sown from March-May and the rain fed crop in June-July with the commencement of the monsoon.

Cotton is susceptible for weeds attack mainly because of higher fertilizer applications, slow growth in early stages and wider spacing. So, it’s very important to control weeds in cotton.


For management weeds in cotton, we should follow integrated weed management among that use of herbicides is the major practice which farmers are following.


Major weeds we can see in cotton crop are:

Cynodon dactylon [Garika (Bermuda grass)], Echinocloa crusgalli [Ooda (Barnyard grass)], Dactyloctenium aegypticum [Nakshatra gaddi (Crow foot grass)]


Cyperus sps [Tunga (Common Sedge/Annual sedge)], Amaranthus viridis, Chenopodium album


Commelina benghalensis, Euphorbia hirta (Red spurge), Parthenium hysterophorus (Congress weed), Trianthema portulacastrum

Best Herbicides which can be used in cotton crop:

Herbicides are crop and weeds specific we should apply or spray based on requirement of the crop.

Pre-emergence herbicides:

Herbicide application after the crop is sown but before weeds and crop have emerged.

Pre-emergent application of Pendimethalin - 6ml/l (Plod, Dhanutop),  Butachlor - 5 ml/l (Machete) can control all most all narrow leaved and broad leaved weeds.





Post-emergence Herbicides:

Application of herbicide after the crop and weeds have emerged from the soil.

Post-emergent application of Paraquate dichloride- 6 ml/l (Gramaxone, Kabuto) Fluazifop-p-butyl – 2-3 ml/l  (Flusiflex), Glufosinate ammonium – 7 -10 ml/l (Ferio, Sweep power), Propaquizafop – 2ml/l  (Agil), Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl – 1.5- 2ml/ l (Whip super) can control different weeds based on selective and non-selective mode.




  •  Fluazifop-p-butyl (Flusiflex) - 2- 3 ml/l 



  • Propaquizafop (Agil) - 2ml/l





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  • M. D. Patil

    Can we use agil in cotton as not mentioned in label claim place get it confirm


    Gramaxone may show the phytotoxicity on cotton

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  • Sudhakar Patil

    कपाशी साठी पिक उगवणीपुर्वी पेंडामिथिलिन या एकच तणनाशकाचा वापर केला तर चालेल का?

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