Herbal Products for Growing Safer Foods

Let us see how food what we eat turn to be poison. Pesticide pollution is the main reason for this. Yes it’s a reality.


Endosulfan tragedy in Kasaragod is a live example, human still suffering continues decades after the whole story.


Not only humans, but also animals and microorganisms are not spared of poisoning effect of pesticides.  Vanishing honeybees and vultures are few examples to cite.


Development of pesticide resistance by the pest is the other challenge.

These are the two phases of the problems of total dependence on single chemical pesticide for multiple crops and pests. Instant killing effect on pests and its cheaper price tempts farmers and policy makers, and even scientists to be biased towards these compounds. The live examples of pesticide poisoning in the environment and cases of resistance developed by many pests to several pesticides, need their due credit for saving the earth and environment for future generations.  It is real and all stakeholders of food production should respect the environmental concerns involved in the use of toxic chemicals in the form of pesticides. and make a sensible judgement with respect to the use of synthetic chemical pesticides.


This is the time to look and opt alternatives to such harmful products and create a healthy life concept starting from growing food materials to cooking. There is ample scope for the best choice in the plant protection platform, one being the use of natural product based pesticides and pest repellents. These products have dual advantage and as safe non-toxic. Due to their complex nature, the active ingredients insects find it very difficult to develop resistance against them.


Dextrose Technologies is a start-up with a mission focused towards development and promotion of herbal plant care products for tackling insect and mite pests; fungal, bacterial and viral diseases affecting crop plants.  These products also provide added advantages of immune boosting and appealing appearance for the plants and their produce. They are equipped with natural fragrance and invoke feeling of wellness among the people handling them.


BugHit Image - BigHaat

BugHit is an herbal product to save crop plants against the sucking pests like white flies, mealy bugs, aphids. thrips, jassids, mites etc. Since the product is targeted on aphids, scale insects, and white flies, it acts as a preventive agent against viral diseases of plants, as these insects are the major transmitting agents of plant viruses. This product can be used on fruit crops like papaya, guava, litchi, sapota, passion fruit, etc. and vegetables like brinjal, okra, beans, gourds, gherkin, leaf vegetables, etc.  This is a patented product of Dextrose Technologies and composed of seed extracts, essential oils and other useful ingredients.

Wiltproof Image - BigHaat

WiltProof acts as an immune booster for all types of crop plants in general and acts against root infecting bacteria, fungi and nematodes. Soil application of this product cures root infection and revive the plant health. This is a sure cure for wilting of plants due to bacterial and fungal pathogens. All types of vegetables and fruit crops can be protected using WiltProof. Leaf wilt, bacterial wilt, verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt, rhizome rot/soft rot of ginger, are few to mention.

Fungiproof Image - BigHaat

FungiProof is an advance formulation developed by Dextrose for fighting fungal diseases affecting crop plants. Anthracnose, black spots, mildews, etc are some of the common plant diseases which this product takes care. This can be used for products in transit or storage to prevent rotting and spoilage. Ginger,  Pomegranate, banana, mango, grapes, etc are some of the target crops.



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