Moisture shortage is the major issue for rain fed crops like groundnut, Sunflower, Cotton, Rain fed Chilli, Pulse crops such as red gram, Soybean, Green gram...etc., in arid and semi arid regions. In rain fed areas the moisture stress is most important factor affecting the crop growth, development and yields.

Moisture in turn the water has got vital role in the plant growth and development. Water constitutes 80- 85 % of plant body weight, supplies important nutrients like Hydrogen and oxygen. Water deficit hinders the plant growth and development. Transpiration process maintains the moisture levels in the plant body, and at water/Moisture deficit levels due to higher transpiration the plants will desiccate. In rain fed areas in arid and semi arid regions the transpiration process may affect the crop growth and development. Here the plants and crops experience the most moisture stress.

Reduced transpiration can help plants retain the moisture to certain level and complete the life cycle with better yield parameters. Anti-transpirant compounds may be used on crops to maintain the required moisture in leaves.

Anti-transpirant compounds, when sprayed on the leaves, reduce the transpiration rate retaining moisture in the leaves. This may help plants to grow well and yield better at moisture stress conditions. Anti transpirants can reduce the damage and losses supposed to be caused by moisture stress.

Retain- an anti-transpirant may be sprayed on the rain fed crops like Groundnut, Sunflower, Cotton, Rain fed Chilli, Pulse crops such as Red gram, Soybean, Green gram...etc.,

Benefits of retain spray on Crops

  1. Protect plants from drought conditions by forming a thin layer on the surface of the leaves.
  2. Increases the yield by avoiding the losses due to moisture stress
  3. No side effects – increase photosynthetic activity of the crops
  4. Improves the keeping quality of the raw harvest of the crops


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