Growing conditions and Nutritional requirements of Bt. Cotton

  Bt Cotton     Bt Cotton plant

Cotton is one of the important commercial crop cultivated in India and cotton fibre is an essential raw material for the textile industry, and since cultivation or growing has to be taken up by the farmers, it can contribute more for the agriculture economy.

           Cotton plants

Cotton crop is hardy in nature and it is cultivated as both irrigated and rainfed crop. Gossypium arboreum, G.herbaceum, G.hirsutum and G.barbadense are the known cultivated cotton species grown globally and among these Gossypium hirsutum occupies 90 % of total cotton production.

    Gossypium arboreum, Gossypium herbaceum, 

          Gossypium arboreum   Gossypium herbaceum

  Gossypium hirsutum  Gossypium barbadense

          Gossypium hirsutum      Gossypium barbadense

Some of the Bollgard II Bt cotton varieties are listed below and to find more Click here


Trade Name

Suppliers or producers














Rasi 659



MRC 7373



US 81

Seed works








CCH 999



         Bt Cotton Varieties


         Bt Cotton Varieties

Soil and Climate Requirements

Well drained deep alluvial black clayey soils, red mixed black soils are suitable for cotton crop to grow well. Cotton plants are slightly tolerate to the saline soils and very sensitive the water logged conditions.

      Cotton soils 

Cotton is tropical and sub-tropical crop which requires minimum temperature of 150 C for better germination. The optimum temperature for vegetative growth is around 210 C – 27 0 C and cotton crop can tolerate up to 43 0 C but the temperatures lesser than 21 0 C will kill the plants.


Season suitability

In India two cotton growing seasons, early season in northern India and delayed cultivation in south Indian states. Normally the cotton is Khariff crop in many of the places like Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and parts of Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka.

                         Cotton growing states

Cotton is cultivated as irrigated crop from March and from onset of monsoons the rain fed cotton cultivation commences in June –July. In case of the Tamil Nadu the cotton sowing usually happens from September to November as Tamil Nadu depends on North East monsoons. In some districts of Tamil Nadu the cotton sowing goes up to November. Summer sowings also taken in some parts of Tamil Nadu during February – March under irrigated conditions.

                   Cotton Season

Land preparation

Land should be ploughed to proper fine tilth, levelled for easy draining of any excess water due to rains. Irrigation water supplying need to be planned well in advance to provide during any odd situations.

                 Land preparation for cotton

Farm yard manure about 10 to 12 tonnes fortified with 4-5 litres of biofertilisers must  be applied 15 – 20 days before sowing. The farm yard manure with biofertilisers will help the cotton plants in better growth, crop development and increase yields by increasing nutrient use efficiency in all ways.     

   Farm Yard Manure with Biofertilisers     Biofertiliser for Cotton

Nutrients Management

Bt Cotton crop has performed better at 80 kg Nitrogen, 35 kg Phosphorous and 35 kg potassium may be considered as the recommended dose for the Bt cotton crop per acre.

The application schedules and split applications details are informed in the table.

Basal Application


Single super Phosphate [SSP] – 100 kg


Di-Ammonium Phosphate [DAP] – 50 kg

Mix DAP with V-Hume Plus 500 mL per 50 kg which promotes the fast root growth

Muriate of Potash [MOP] – 25 Kg


Urea 45 kg


Sulphur granules 10 kg


Magnesium Sulphate 25 kg


Micronutrient Mixture 10 kg


Second application 40 - 50 days after sowing


Urea 45 kg

Mix Gibrax Phytozyme 1 litre for 45 kg  of Urea which helps cotton plants for better flowering

Magnesium Sulphate 25 kg


Calcium Nitrate 15 kg


Micronutrient Mixture 5 kg


Muriate of Potash [MOP] – 25 Kg


Third application 80- 90  days after sowing


Urea 45 kg or Ammonium Sulphate 100 kg

Mix Multiplex Kranti 1 litre for 45 kg  of Urea which helps to improve the cotton fibre quality

Muriate of Potash [MOP] – 50 Kg


Potassium Nitrate 10 kg



Major Nutrient Products for Cotton cultivation

     Major nutrients for Cotton.


Secondary and Micro-nutrient products for Cotton Soil Application

     Secondary and micronutrients for cotton.


Plant growth promoter products for Cotton as soil application along with fertilisers

            Growth promoters for cotton crop


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