Grow Best Tomato Varieties in Summer: Get Good Prices in Market

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Tomato is an important most widely cultivated commercial vegetable crop of India.  It is having a major source of vitamins and minerals and rich in medicinal value.

Tomato is one of the main popular salad vegetables and is taken with great relish. It is commonly employed in the cannery and made into soups, conserves, pickles, ketchup, sauces, pure paste, powder, juice, etc.

It having numerous health benefits such as it reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer, it contains antioxidants like lycopene and vitamin C in higher amount potassium, folate and vitamin K.

Measures to be taken to grow tomato varieties in summer:

  • Use Mulching sheets to avoid evaporation loss of water and to prevent the soil from heating too much and to get rid of weeds.
  • Use drip irrigation method of irrigation for effective utilization of water sources.
  • Irrigation frequency can be increased based on the requirement, but if too much irrigation and too long dry spell will lead to fruit cracking.

  • Install a six-foot shade net at either end of the tomato bed on the side that receives direct sunlight. The shade net still allows light through however, minimizes its intensity so the tomato fruits don’t suffer sun-scald.
  • Stop fertilizer applications during extremely hot weather to prevent new growth on tomato plants.

Other than these practices, you can follow up normal package of practices to grow the Tomato crop in your field

Segment wise list of Varieties which can be grown in summer:

Oval- Abhinav, TO- 1057, NS-501, Ayushman, TO-6242, Ansal, etc

Round- Saaho, Saksham, Shreya, Abhilash, US- 440, Shresta, PHS Sweakar 448, Sikander, NS-585, Heemshikar,  Heemsohna, Ruby red, etc

To know more summer varieties of Tomato, Click here:



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