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Good agricultural Practices for Mustard/Rapeseed

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Good agricultural Practices for Mustard/Rapeseed

Among the seven edible oilseeds cultivated in India, rapeseed-mustard contributes 28.6% in the total oilseeds production and ranks second after groundnut.  Mustard is the most important oil seeds with oil content of 30 to 48 percent.


Seed varieties: Improved high yielding varieties with more oil percentage.

V-45S42 MUSTARD, V-45S46 MUSTARD, V-45S35 MUSTARD ,.. etc  are some good maustard varieties.


Soil & Climate: Loamy, sandy loam and silted areas of the river bed tract with good drainage is suitable for Mustard cultivation. Mustard is cultivated in mostly under temperate climates. It is also grown in certain tropical and subtropical regions as a cold weather crop. Indian mustard requires temperature of 10°C  to 25°C, and pH of the soil to be of 6.0 to 7.5.

Seed treatment with some protective agents may still help better germination, good survivability and also better yields. For chemical treatment seeds can be soaked in Ridomet 25 gm + Plantomycin 20 gm  + Humic Acid [Humesol] 100 mL per kg of seeds [mixture before sowing]. This will avoid the soil borne diseases like damping off, wilts and root rots of mustard crop.  + +

 Seed treatment

Manures and fertilizers:

Prepare the main field by ploughing and harrowing and add 8 to 10 tonnes per acre Farmyard manure or compost is applied at the time of field preparation. Apply well rotten farm yard manure / compost @ 6-8 t/acre, 120-150 kg Bio organic Manure + 5- 10 kg Humic acids granules [Ecohume Gr].


Recommended dose of Fertilizer Application: NPK – 40:30:30 kg/ per acre


Major Nutrients


Combination 1


Urea (46 % N)


DAP (18 % N; 46 % P2O5)


MOP (60 % K2O)



Combination 2




Urea (46 % N)



Combination 3




Urea (46 % N)


MOP (60 % K2O)



Secondary Nutrients [Soil Conditioners] 50 kg/acre[ products containing Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur nutrients]

Micronutrients [Micronutrient Mixtures] 5- 10 kg per acre Aries multi micronutrient fertilizer


Plant Protection: Mustard is susceptible to attack by aphids and powdery mildew disease especially during cloudy weather in December.

For Aphids and powdery mildew: At least two prophylactic sprayings of below recommendation may be sprayed once in first week of November and thereafter at 15 days interval.

Econeem plus 1 % - 1mL/L + Confidor 0.5 mL/L OR Anant 0.5 mL/L + Contaf Plus 2 mL/L + OR +


In case of severe infestation spraying of Phoskill (Monocrotophos)  @ 2 ml/litre can control.

Emergency spray

Harvesting and Yield: Harvest the crop at proper time and avoid over-ripening to prevent shattering. Harvest in early morning when dew is present in the field. Average yield between from 3 - 4 quintal per acre.


Senior Agronomist, BigHaat.

Disclaimer: The performance of the product (s) is subject to usage as per manufacturer guidelines. Read enclosed leaflet of the product(s) carefully before use. The use of this product(s)/ information is at the discretion of user.

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