Good agricultural practices for bitter gourd - Growing and nutrient requirements

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                  Bitter gourds

Bitter gourd(Bitter Gourd (Momordica charantia)  crop belongs to family Cucurbitaceae family consist as of wide range of vegetables which are used either as salad, pickling (cucumber) or for cooking (all gourds) or candied or preserved (ash gourd) or as desert fruits (musk melon and water melon). 

                            Bitter gourds

Soil and Climate: Bitter gourd seeds/ crop prefers a well-drained soil of loamy type with pH range between 6.0 and 7.0. They thrive best at a temperature range of 18-24oC and bitter gourd seeds germinate in between this temperature.

Varieties: Bitter gourd seeds available online


        Bitter gourd seeds varieties

Spacing of bitter gourd:

Row to row spacing 5 feet to 8 feet row to row and 2 feet to 4 feet plant to plant is the practice of farmers. Bitter gourd seeds are to be planted at the spacing as per the requirements.

Manures and fertilizers:

Basal soil application of 8 to 10 tons per acre farmyard manure or compost is applied at the time of field preparation.

Di- Ammonium Phosphate 50 kg + Muriate of Potash 50 kg + 45 kg Urea +  Ecohume granules 10 kg/acre + Micronutrient mixture [Srushti] 5 kg/acre + 25 kg Magnesium Sulphate. Application of 5 kg CALDAN (Cartap hydrochloride 4 % Gr) will control grubs & termites.  Mix all and apply to the soil as basal dose before formation of bunds or pits or ridges to plant.

                      Soil applications for bitter gourd cops

Second dose of fertilizer or nutrients may be done after 30 – 35 days after planting. The possible combination may be 10:26: 26 about 100 kgs, Urea 45 kgs per acre

                       Second dose fertilises for the bitter gourd crop

Intercultural and weed management:

Thinning of plants should be done 10-15 days after sowing retaining not more than 2 healthy seedlings per hill. The beds or ridges are required to be kept weed free in the early stages before vine growth start. Weeding and earthing up are done at the time of top dressing of split application of fertilizers.

Irrigation: Optimum moisture need to be maintained and little more water may be required since all the gourds contains larger quantities of water.


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