General Package of Practices for Tomato

TOMATO (Lycopersicum esculentum) 

Temperature  Seed germination 16-29 0 C
  Seedling growth 21-24 0 C
  Fruit set (day) 15-17 0 C
  Fruit set (night) & red colur development 20-24 0 C
Soil Requirement pH of 5.5- 6.8   
Seed Rate 400 to 500 g/ha   
Seed treatment  Thiram @ 3g/kg of seed to protect from seed born diseases. 
Treatment with B. naphthoxyacetic acid (BNOA) at 25 and 50 ppm, gibberllic acid (GA3) at 5-20 ppm and chlorophenoxy acetic at 10 and 20 ppm was found to improve the growth and yield of tomato.
Sowing season winter June - July 
  summer  November
  In the hills  March - April
Spacing winter - 75 x 60 cm   
  summer - 75 x 45cm  
Seedbed 60cm wide, 5-6cm long and 20-25cm high.  
Fytolon/Dithane M-45 @ 2-2.5 g/lit of water at the time of sowing 
4-5 leaf stage  Metasystox/Thiodan @ 2-2.5 ml/lit water and Dithane M-45 @ 2-2.5 g/lit water
N: P:K (Kg/ha) 120:50:50  
Half nitrogen and full P2O5 is given at the time of transplanting and remaining nitrogen is given after 30 days and 60 days of transplanting.
Pre emergent weedicide Metribuzin at 0.35 kg/ha, fluchloralin 1.25 kg/ha   
During flower emergence Spray PCPA at 50 ppm, IAA at 50 ppm or borax 1%   
Leaf eating caterpillar Spray Cypermethrin at the rate of 3-4 ml or for Phosphamidon (85 SL) 5 ml per 10 litre of water at the interval of 8-10 days.
Tomato fruit eating catre piller/tomato fruit borer Spray monocrotophos (36 SL) 5 ml/ 10 litre of water at the interval of 8-10 days.
Trichograma and campoletic chloride as a predator and heliocil as biological control.
Aphids Spray dimethoate (30 E.C.) 10 ml/10 litre of water.
Bacterial fruit spot Streptocycline (100PPm) or copper fungicides
Tomato leaf curl Disease is transmitted by whitefly hence to check the whitefly population use insecticides fuadan or disyston @1kg ai/ha or use V-Bind viricide (Organic viricide)
Tomato big bud Metasystox (0.02%) or nuvacron (0.05%) at ten days intervals to control the insect vector (leaf hopper) population.
Early blight, Late blight, Septoria leaf spot Mancozeb @ 0.2% , 0.2% Dithane Z-78  
Wilt 0.1% carbendazim or benomyl  
Powdery mildew Dinocap at 0.1% or Wet sulphur at 0.2%  
Bacterial wilt Streptocycline (1g/40 lit)  
Bleaching powder @ 15 kg/ha.  
Anthracnose  Crop rotation is the major control for this disease.

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