Foliar application of Plant nutrients, Growth Promoters or fertilizers for plants

Foliar application of Plant nutrients, Growth Promoters or fertilizers for plants

 Plants get the majority of their nutrients from the soil by root absorption. However there are many instances where foliar nutrient supply is both necessary and beneficial.

  • Foliar application of nutrients reduces environmental impact. The nutrient use efficiency of foliar applied nutrients is higher than soil applied nutrients.
  • Many times due to poor root development or rapid crop growth, nutrient deficiency symptoms are evident when nutrient demand exceeds root uptake rate. Foliar supplementation will immediately fix and cure the problem.
  • Adverse soil pH, moisture, texture and aeration cause limited nutrient availability and to thereby accelerate plant response foliar application will help.
  • Through foliar application of nutrients directly the target organs like flowers, fruits of the plants can be treated. Calcium deficiency of fruits, Boron deficiency, quality and weight of the fruits can be rapidly increased by application of foliar nutrients.
  • Specific micronutrients can be supplemented to the critical stages of the plant growth and development.

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Senior Agronomist


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