Downy mildew symptoms and management in cucurbit crops

Downy mildew of cucurbits: It is one of the important diseases of family cucurbit creeper crops. Pseudoperonospora cubensis is the fungus that causes downy mildew in cucurbits and is an oomycete Downy mildew can infect all cucurbits including, melons, pumpkin and squash, gourds and zucchini. 


     Cucurbits downy mildew symptoms


Symptoms Of Downy Mildew Of Cucurbits:

  • Downy mildew disease oomycete primarily infects the leaves, resulting in decreased photosynthesis which may lead to reduced yield and poor-quality fruits.
  • Initially pale green to yellow spots form on upper surface of leaves and later turn brown.
  • Typically, the disease spots are angular and they are bounded by leaf veins.
  • Disease upon progress or development, multiple smaller spots combine to damage larger leaf area and may lead to entire leaf damage.
  • Dark purplish grey fuzz forms on underside of the leaf in high humidity. In wet or humid conditions disease develops rapidly.


       Symptoms      Symptoms- Downy leaf backside


The underside of the cucumber leaf shows fungal growth on the undersides of the lesions.

Management of Downy Mildew Disease In Cucurbit Crops

Application of Fungicides both chemical and biological may effectively control or manage the downy mildew disease.

Chemicals or Pesticides For Downy Mildew Of Cucurbits 

Both contact and systemic fungicides are available for use against downy mildew.

Following fungicides may be applied through sprays for the management of downy mildew disease in cucurbit crops.

Master- 1.5 gms/L or Melody duo- 3 gms/L or Curzate- 3 gms/L or Profiler- 3gms/L


      Chemicals- Downy mildew


Ridomil gold- 2 gms/L or Aliette- 2 gms/L or 3star M-45- 2.5 gms/L or Antracol- 3 gms/L


     Chemicals- Downy mildew


Avancer glow- 2 gms/L or Splash- 2 2ml/L or Custodia- 1 ml/L or Taspa- 0.75 ml/L


    Chemical- Downy mildew

Biologicals or Bio Pesticides For Downy Mildew Of Cucurbits


Trichoderma viride – 2ml/L, Pseudomonas fluorescens – 2.5ml/L , Bacillus subtilis – 5ml/L etc.



        Biological- Downy mildew



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