Downy Mildew disease: an important disease of Papaya


       Downy Mildew in Papaya 

Downy mildew is a fungal disease caused by Pseudoperonospora cubensis and is one of the most important foliar diseases of Papaya crop. High moisture in atmosphere and on the foliage favours the disease and result in major losses to  papaya crop.

       Downy Mildew in Papaya

  • Initially the small, irregular to angular, slightly chlorotic areas are visible on the upper surface of the leaves.
  • Symptoms of the disease appear first on older leaves and later progresses to younger leaves as they expand.

   Downy Mildew in Papaya  Downy Mildew disease symptom in Papaya

  • Humidity and leaf wetness is favorable the spores multiply fast and fast forming lesions, at under side of the leaves giving downy appearance, with grayish blue colour.
  • Larger sized lesions will cover the entire leaves and many times at peak disease severity the leaves will drop off.
  • The flowers in respective petioles will turn brown and drop off.

       Downy mildew disease symptoms on Papaya Crop   Flower abortion due to downy Mildew in Papaya

Following  fungicides  may be administered through sprays for the management of Downy mildew disease on papaya crop.

Ridomil gold 2 gm/L OR Sectin 3 gm/L OR  Melody duo 3 gm/L OR Curzate 3 gm/L

     Papaya Downy mildew spray

  Profiler 3 gm/L OR Flick super  3 gm/L OR Lurit 1 gm/L OR Ergon6 – 0.8 mL/L

     Papaya Downy mildew sprays

Kocide 2 gm/L OR Infinito 3 mL/L OR Equation Pro 1 mL/L OR Acrobat complete 4 gm/L

     Papaya Downy mildew sprayss


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Disclaimer: The performance of the product (s) is subject to usage as per manufacturer guidelines. Read enclosed leaflet of the product(s) carefully before use. The use of this product(s)/ information is at the discretion of user.


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    Hi papaya farming downy mildew disease found also fertizer dose before cultivation 15 to 30 days give soln

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    Hi my garden grapes in anantapuram district kuder mandal jalli palli
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