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Chilli [Hot Pepper] crop cultivation Practices: Fertigation Schedule

Posted by Sanjeeva Reddy on

Fertigation schedule for chilli /Hot Pepper

    Chilli crop fertigation

Chilli crop is cultivated under both flood irrigation methods as well as drip irrigation methods. The use of mulch paper is also done by many of the chilli growing farmers. Once the mulch paper is applied split applications of nutrients to the crop is not possible. Hence farmers use water soluble fertilizers in the drip irrigation to supplement the required nutrients for the chilli crop.

    Fertigation structure for allow nutrients to chilli

The supplementing the nutrients in the drip irrigation is based on the growth stages of the crop. So the nutrient grades are to be planned accordingly to provide required nutrients to the crop, so that any kind of nutrient deficiencies won’t happen in the crop.

  Chilli crop fertigation schedules

The products required for fertigation may be browsed through the links.

     Major nutrients for fertigation

    Major nutrients for fertigation

    Micronutrients for fertigation


     Plant growth promoters for Fertigation

Important note:

Fertigation schedule provided is as general recommendation based on the crop nutrient requirements. The performance of the crop and nutrient availability is totally based on the soil types. Actual requirement may also differ and vary based on the soil test values also.

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