Black spot disease in Papaya – Disease to take seriously

            leaf spot disease in papaya Fruits    

Papaya plants are attacked by several fungal infections and leaf spot is one among them. The Leaf spot disease is of two types and caused by two different disease causing fungi ASPERISPORIUM CARICAE and CERCOSPORA CARICAE.

            Leaf spot disease of Papaya crop

Black spot disease caused by ASPERISPORIUM CARICAE is brown to black coloured and Black spot caused by CERCOSPORA PAPAYAE are greyish black in colour.

            Leaf spot diseases of Papaya    leaf spot diseases in papayas

The leaves when turned upside down, you may see the black spots at the yellow patches at the other side.

          Cercospora leaf spot disease in papayas
For managing the black spot disease the spray combination may control the disease.

Score 0.5 mL/L + Econeem 1 % - 1 mL/L + Magnum Mn -0.5 gm/L

         Managing leaf spot disease in papaya
 after 6 days

Taspa 0.5 mL/L + Prokissan 1 gm/L

                     Managing leaf spot disease in papayas

After 5 days
Tata Master 2 gm/L + Neemark 1 %- 1 mL/L + Sambrama 1 tablet / 15 L

          Managing leaf spot diseases in papayas

Biological Control

Multiplex Biojodi 10 gm/L + Econeem 1 % 1 mL/L

                   Managing leaf spot diseases in papaya through biologicals


For effective leaf spot disease the fields must be weed free and there should be proper sanitation and moisture


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