Biofertilisers in Agriculture

Biofertilisers in Agriculture

Chemical fertilisers use in agriculture has depleted the soil micro flora and micro fauna on extensive use. Due to indiscriminate use of synthetic fertilisers the soil is being polluted and ground water is also getting contaminated. The soil has lost its ability to supply essential nutrients due to improper pH, Electrical conductivity Organic carbon which is must for the beneficial microorganisms in the soil. Hence this soil has lost the capacity to support the plant growth and development, while supporting plant pathogenic organisms to cause bad to plants.

The soil dwelling micro flora helps to maintain the soil fertility which can support plant growth and development. To improve and maintain the soil fertility factors the application of Biofertilisers may help.

Biofertilsers are the microscopic organisms which have the ability to solubalise and mobilize the plant nutrient elements in the soil. They convert non available or non usable plant nutrients’ forms to plant available or usable forms. Mostly by the biological processes like Nitrogen fixation, Phosphate solubalisation, Potash mobilization, Zinc and Sulphur Solubalisations, the biofertilsers improve the soil fertility and make nutrient use efficiency very effective. They live on biological materials applied and present in soil and degrade them to release the nutritionally important materials in to the soil.


Ignite Biofertiliser

Agrinos Ignite contains the Biofertilisers’ microorganisms which make unavailable form of nutrients present in the soil to available form for plants to absorb. These microorganisms  helps in fixing Nitrogen, Solubalising  & mobilising Phosphorous and mobilising Potassium nutrients in the soil and make them easily available to the plant roots to absorb.

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K Sanjeeva Reddy,

Senior Agronomist, Bighaat


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